St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Bridgeville, Delaware

11th Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware

Rev. Kevin S. Brown

On Dec. 9th, the Rt. Rev. Kevin S. Brown was ordained and consecrated as the 11th bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware after being elected on July 15th.

Before the election, he served as rector at Holy Comforter, where he led the merger of separate English and Spanish preschools into a single groundbreaking school focused on bilingual education and dedicated to access for low-income and immigrant families. He previously served as rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Paris, Tennessee.

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Ministries of St. Mary's Parish

Celebrant: All the members of the Parish

Organist & Music Coordinator: Rosalie Kelly

Lay Eucharistic Ministers: Mary Parsons, Sherri Rainier

Communion Assistants: Mary Parsons, Sherri Rainier

Sr. Warden: Gene Nichols

Jr. Wardens: Charles Hawk, Jerry Stogner

Lay Readers: Tom Brace; Helen Cameron; Conrad Fleck; Diane Fleck; Grissell De Haan; Eugene Nichols; Sherry Rainier; Debbie Stogner; Rose Marie Taylor; Maureen Yocum

Altar Guild Directress: Sharon Hawk

Youth Group / Sunday School Superintendent: Anne Hallman

Episcopal Church Women (ECW) President: Mary Parsons;
Vice President:
Diane Fleck

United Thank Offering (UTO) Chairperson: Emilia Behr

Pastor & Priest in charge:

Fr. Carl Mosley is originally from Howard County, Maryland and a resident of Ocean City, Maryland. He moved to the Eastern Shore in 2000. Prior to coming to St. Mary's, he served as a ​Deacon and Assistant Priest for 5 years at the Church Of The Holy Spirit in Ocean City.  

Meet our Staff


Terry Chike (2021)

Grissell De Haan (2020)

Conrad Fleck (2019)

Betty Myers (2021)

Eugene Nichols (2021)

Amber Welch (2020)

Maureen Yocum (2019)