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^ ​Rt. Rev. Wayne Wright, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware  paid his annual visit to St. Mary's on March 9th (2014).  At that time, Ed Cross, Herm & Barbara Stetzer, and Gene Nichols were received into the Episcopal Church.  Delaney Vanbuskirk and Jarrett Logan were also confirmed.   

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Xander, Jarrett, and Willow

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Memorial DayWeekend 2014

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St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Bridgeville, Delaware

Friday, May 23rd, a group of special women from St. Mary's met at Ann Hallman's home to prepare food, gifts, and other assorted items for their TEA, which was held in honor of the women veterans that reside at the Veteran's Home in Milford. The hats seen in many of the pictures are the Easter Bonnets donated to the Lady Veterans for their entertainment. 

The TEA was a big success, as demonstrated by the many big smiles from the Vets. We thank a few non-parishioners who also participated.  Special thanks to Josephine Adams for her terrific cooking, baking and volunteer efforts. 

The ladies of St. Mary's are to be congratulated for their efforts in saluting our vets for Memorial Day Weekend.