^Palm Sunday & Preparation for Holy Week


 ^Christmas / Advent


 ^The Winter that wouldn't quit  


  ^Summer 2014:  

While many were vacationing and enjoying the outdoors, our church prepared for the future with some upkeep and improvements to our parking area. 

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May, 2014 to Present

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 ^ Church Picnic

June 7, 2015

 ^Pastor Appreciation Day

Fr. Carl & Fr. Miller

October 19, 2014

Advent Dinner -- December 2016

^ Men's Bake Auction

June 28, 2015

 ^ Bishop's annual visit / Rt. Rev. Wayne Wright

Acolytes, L-R: Xander Mansfield, Alan Behr, Sherry Rainier, Willow Mansfield, Jarrett Logan, Mary Parsons, Jerry Stogner

March 1, 2015

St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Bridgeville, Delaware

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